chapter  1
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I want a good friend to whom I could lay open every tug of my soul

ByMichael Gerard Plastow

Sabina Spielrein’s anguish is associated with a number of losses, and with the pain tied to certain arrivals and departures. Sabina Spielrein was born on 25 October 1885, the first child of Nikolai and Eva Spielrein. Spielrein’s pain of parting is incorporated in the symptom of a difficulty walking on her own, in the singular gait that was to both limit her movements, marking the hobbling style of her progression. Spielrein’s entry for their stay in Vienna was primarily filled with disquiet regarding the lost basket. In her later diary, towards the end of her medical studies in Zurich, Sabina Spielrein traced the history of the manner in which her love was seeking out someone upon whom it could alight. The erotism attached to Spielrein’s particular mode of loving is manifested through her writing about this series of men. Her particular mode of loving was sustained in each case, something of hers alighted upon each of these men in turn.