chapter  2
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What really is this abominable thing called love?

ByMichael Gerard Plastow

This chapter examines the progression of Sabina Spielrein’s transference to carl Jung through her writing, following her discharge from the Burgholzli, up to the time of her ultimate departure both from Jung and Zurich. Spielrein’s interest in the literature and the poetry to which she refers is palpable throughout her writing. She remarks that her reading of literature makes her want to be able to write well herself. For instance, in her diary of 1909, she speaks of the expression “jumping into”, literally allowing herself to fall for/into situations. If Spielrein’s intellect is old, it is through the lost youth and a life destroyed of which she wrote in her poem of the Burgholzli, and from which she is becoming something else. Sabina Spielrein’s writings, however, are only being discovered, and many are only just beginning to be translated, whilst Peter Nansen’s Julie’s Diary remains all but forgotten.