chapter  8
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I sat there with Siegfried and worked

ByMichael Gerard Plastow

Writing for Sabina Spielrein then was her means of being able to go beyond what could be said by means of the narrative, in order to put her words to work. The implication that flows from this is that Spielrein’s work is the enactment of a de novo theory of creativity. While the biographers seek to find the cause of Spielrein’s suffering through the productions of her analysis, Spielrein herself seeks, in the remains of her analysis, a cause that drives her forward and allows her to work. For Spielrein, the ending of her analysis on the first occasion involves encountering and even constructing the Siegfried in her analysis, and on the second occasion writing both of, and through, Siegfried. Unlike S. Freud’s work, and even more so the works of the post-Freudians, Spielrein’s writings have resisted being set into a fixed doctrine since they are the very means of the dissolution of a set of teachings.