chapter  3
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Disposition quantities of surplus materials

WithWilliam J. Weida

In 1991, the US had about 19,000 nuclear warheads and the Former Soviet Union had about 35,000 nuclear warheads scattered across the four nuclear republics that came out of the old Soviet Union. The supply and locations of plutonium available for reuse in the United States as of September, 1994. Most research assumes the supply of surplus fissile materials for which disposition is necessary is confined to Russia and the US. However, France, Belgium and Great Britain, and, to a lesser extent, Germany, have been actively reprocessing spent fuel and generating plutonium for years. As of 1996, the US had provided a total of about $1.3 billion to Russia to help dismantle nuclear weapons and safeguard nuclear materials. There are about 2300 metric tons of highly enriched uranium worldwide, almost all of it in the former Soviet Union and the US.