chapter  6
Major Development Projects in Strathclyde
WithIain Docherty
Pages 41

The possibility of a rail link to Glasgow Airport was first officially aired by Strathclyde Regional Council in the 1987 Rail Review. The significance of Cllr Gordon's statement refers back to the earlier paradox between the Council's 'symbolic' social policy goals and methods of quantifiable scheme appraisal associated with the 'tangible results' of economic development. The several project histories confirm the indicative 'symbolic' model of the Strathclyde rail transport policy regime assembled from the perceptions of interview respondents. Despite the project not featuring in the proposed investment plans emanating from the 1987 Rail Review appraisal, further work on the development of CrossRail was sanctioned as part of the ongoing Strathclyde Transport Development Study. The shape of the wider discourse between organisations involved in the Glasgow CrossRail Action Group formed a clear example of coalition networking as active individuals sought to extend the range of support for the scheme.