chapter  Chapter 12
People’s Shanghai No. 6 People’s Hospital
WithYin Shankai, Jia Weiping, Fu Yimin, Chen Ting, Sun Yu
Pages 10

Shanghai No. 6 People’s Hospital is an early starter of health information technology and has relevant complete information technology (IT) infrastructure and architecture. Though the IT systems and infrastructure were improving, the number of systems and functional modules had also increased accordingly, which added to the complexity of the management over different processes, and caused weak coupling and interfacing between the systems. The isolated systems and information further added the difficulties in system integrating and data sharing. Clinical data repository (CDR) is an important tool to ensure continuity of patient information from outpatient clinics, emergency room, inpatient to the follow-up period after discharge. CDR plays a significant role in combined medication therapy for infection control among critical patients and surgical patients. A well-designed CDR requires deep understanding of the practical process in different clinical services and of the needs of the frontline staff and hospital managers.