chapter  Chapter 9
Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
WithXiao Zhen, Tang Yijun, Xu Liwen, Xi Yan, Dong Liang, Chen Xinlin, Shi Jingyi
Pages 19

In line with the shifting focus for modern medicine from single-disciplinary development to global crossover of interdisciplinary resources, the national strategy for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China is to help TCM more readily recognized and accepted in the world. In Longhua Hospital, administrators have held the belief that there is no clear boundary between western and Chinese medicine when it comes to hospital administration, and that TCM has advantage in individualized care in greater detail. Longhua’s success in improving patient safety, healthcare quality and operational efficiency has corroborated that information technology adoption knows no boundaries of nations or traditions of medicine. TCM hospital does not differ from hospital of western medicine in terms of the applicability of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model requirements, within which TCM hospitals can demonstrate its strength and make breakthroughs in the appropriateness review of TCM prescription, a daunting challenge.