chapter  8
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The role of national and subnational parliaments

BySerafín Pazos-Vidal

European Union (EU) integration has resulted in an erosion of the normative and scrutiny role of national parliaments shifting the balance towards the executive even further, though differences remain, for example, Spanish and Italian parliaments are notoriously weak, whereas the German or Danish ones have been better able to resist this trend. The positive aspect of this proposal is that it would increase interparliamentary dialogue, interaction and cooperation, developing epistemic communities and a certain esprit de corps resulting from continuous interaction. The newer Italian Law 234/2012 set out for the first time the requirement that the national Parliament must take into account regional reasoned opinions , both in terms of subsidiarity Early Warning System but, more widely, as regards the Italian interparliamentary dialogue via Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union.