chapter  1
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The studio centerpiece

WithRick Snoman

The first requirement for anyone considering the creation of electronic dance music is whether to use a personal computer or an Apple Mac computer. Although there are a small number of dedicated hardware units that perform similar functions, the computer and its associated Digital Audio Workstation software form the centerpiece of almost every dance musician’s studio. Audio tracks contain digital audio files. These could be to record audio onto, such as a vocal take, or they can be used to accept pre-recorded audio data held on the hard drive. The features in a sample editor window will vary, but they will feature further audio editing options such as normalizing, sample reversing, time stretching, dynamic manipulation, and slicing. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) tracks and virtual instruments tracks are fundamentally the same as both can contain MIDI events. Any successful electronic music track will employ multiple audio and MIDI channels on the arrange page of the workstation.