chapter  12
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Further processors

WithRick Snoman

Further processors play a role in both the sound design process and the requisite feel of the music. This chapter focuses on the behaviors of the different processors that are widely used in the design and production of dance music. A limiter is a dynamic processor comparable to the action of a compressor. With a hard attack, the limiter will act as soon as a peak is close to overshooting while a soft attack has a smoother curve with 10 or 20 milliseconds. This approach reduces the likelihood of clicks or snaps that result from the limiter acting too quickly on the incoming signal. These look ahead limiters are sometimes called ultramaximizers. A noise gate is a dynamic processor that attenuates signals below a given threshold. Transient designers are one form of dynamic processor that will modify a sounds dynamic envelope. This deliberate modification of a dynamic envelope is a significant sound design tool for the creation of electronic music.