chapter  22
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Composing and designing leads

WithRick Snoman

Melody is the essence of music. Except for only a few genres, electronic dance music does not typically employ melodies and will rely instead on a simple motif. Also known as a motive, hook, or theme, this is a rhythmical idea that is repeated throughout the music. The lead motif consists of two instruments layered together mixed with side-chain and a tape-stop effect. The track employs an asynchronous motif. The start of the chord and lead motif occurs at beat three of bar two rather than beat one of bar one. There are three essential elements to creating an earworm motif or theme: these are simplicity, rhythmical repetition, and variation. When it comes to creating one, it is best to compose the rhythmical content first using a single note pitch. A binary phrase consists of two rhythmical or melodic ideas of equal duration but with pitch or rhythmical differences in the second phrase from the first.