chapter  27
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An overview of House music

WithRick Snoman

The development of House music has much of its success accredited to the rise and fall of 1970s’ Disco so to investigate House, music producers should start with Disco. House had been steadily growing into an underground movement before the death of Disco. By 1985 House was in full swing, while borrowing heavily from 70s’ Disco, the introduction of the Roland TB303 bass synthesizer along with the Roland TR909, TR808, and the Juno 106 had given House a harder edge. The divergence of House music has resulted in a genre that has become hugely fragmented and as such cannot be easily identified as featuring any one particular attribute. Along with working with individual loops, many House producers also stack up a series of drum loops to create heavier rhythms. Many House tracks will also employ chords and in particular genres such as Deep House and Tech House rely on them to create the atmosphere of the track.