chapter  28
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WithRick Snoman

This chapter examines the general production ethics in the creation of a ‘Mainroom’ Techno track, but this approach equally applies to many genres of Techno. By 1992 and the rave generation Techno bore no relationship to the funky beats and rhythms of House music. As technology evolved and Musical Instrument Digital Interface instruments, samplers, and digital audio manipulation techniques became more accessible, Techno began to grow increasingly complex. Techno is electronic dance music in its most primitive form. It is chiefly formed around the cohesion and adaptation of various rhythms. Reverb is fundamental to the creation of any Techno kick but how it is applied depends on the style. Claps and snares are commonly part of the sampled loops that are dragged into the digital audio workstations. As Techno relies heavily on its percussive elements, call and response form a fundamental cornerstone of the music.