chapter  29
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Uplifting Trance

WithRick Snoman

Trance is an ambiguous genre because, like House, it manifests itself in many forms. It can be Goa, Psychedelic, Uplifting, Euphoric, Acid or Progressive. In the case of Mainroom Trance, it exhibits an up tempo, uplifting feel that’s accessible to most mainstream clubbers. Trance kicks are typically tight rather than ‘boomy’ and exhibit a bright transient stage to help them cut through. The kicks, as with all dance music, can be created through sample layering, taken from sample content, or more commonly programmed in a kick synthesizer. The bass rhythm in Trance almost always consists of the running bass. The lead melody is the essential component to Trance music. Although time and care must be taken producing every compositional part, with Uplifting Trance, the theme is the selling point of the music. In many Trance tracks, the open hats are sourced from the Roland TR909 because of the distinctive character.