chapter  30
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WithRick Snoman

This chapter examines the general production ethics in the creation of a typical Dubstep track. A development from UK Garage, 2-Step consisted of syncopated rhythms that veered away from the generic four to the floor of dance music. However, it was the B sides of these 2-Step records that formed the beginnings of Dubstep. Dubstep can be characterized as featuring heavy bass lines mixed with 2-Step-style drum rhythms and dark reverberated chords. In Dubstep, the kicks will often remain ‘tight’ and light with almost a wood-style character and a bright transient stage for it to cut through the sweeping subsonic bass instruments. Dubstep snares are treated to a room style reverb although often the reverb’s tail is longer than a kick, allowing it to tail off gently. The rhythmic movement and interaction with the bass and rhythms provide the basis for the genre, and therefore it is also worth experimenting by applying effects to this bass timbre.