chapter  31
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Ambient and Chill Out

WithRick Snoman

This chapter examines the general production ethics in the creation of a typical Chill out track. But, music is an entirely individual, artistic endeavor and the purpose of this analysis is not to lay down a series of ‘ground rules’ on how it should be created. Ambient music has enjoyed a long if somewhat diverse history and its subsequent offshoots have formed an important role in dance music since 1989. Chill Out is music that incorporates elements from many different styles such as Electronica, New Age, Classical, Hispanic, and Jazz. The kicks in Chill Out often remain ‘loose,’ exhibiting more of a boom texture than a tight, controlled one. Creating a realistic instrument consists of more than just striking a few notes and regardless of how good the original samples may be. More importantly for realistic interpretations of wind instruments, remember that musicians need to breathe.