chapter  32
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Drum & Bass

WithRick Snoman

This chapter examines the general production ethics in the creation of a liquid-style Drum & Bass (D&B) track, but this approach equally applies to many subgenres of D&B. As music is an entirely individual, artistic endeavor, the purpose of this analysis is not to lay down a series of ‘ground rules,’ but, instead, will describe some of the general principles behind the production. The bass often plays at one-quarter or halftime of the drum tempo, again to keep the listener ‘in time.’ To the uninitiated, D&B is considered to consist only of complex drum rhythms and bass but very few tracks are constructed from just these elements. The snares are sourced from sample content or vinyl records but, if from sample content; they are rarely taken from a D&B genre. Some aficionados of the genre recommend using only the minor chords from the chosen key as a harmony.