chapter  33
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An overview of Dub

WithRick Snoman

This chapter examines the general production ethics in the creation of an Electrodub track, but this approach applies equally too many genres of Dub. As music is an entirely individual, artistic endeavour, the purpose of Musical analysis is not to lay down a series of ‘ground rules,’ but, instead, will describe some of the general principles behind the production. Electrodub will often employ a secondary bass borrowing from the sound design techniques of Dubstep. This secondary bass will either layer over some notes of the original bass, or play in between to create a call and response action. However, to achieve the blunt bass tone that Dub is synonymous with, the electric bass should use flatwound or upright strings. The rhythmic movement and interaction with the bass and rhythms provide the basis for this genre, and therefore it’s also worth experimenting by applying effects to this bass timbre.