chapter  36
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WithRick Snoman

Mastering began as a process to transfer recordings from tape to vinyl, the consumer delivery format of the day. It is traditionally known as a process of sequencing and balancing songs across an album. Creative mastering improves the impact and listening enjoyment of a piece of music. The amount of difference that a mastering engineer imparts in this regard can vary from little to becoming integral to the overall sound. As an all-in-one package, iZotope’s Ozone gives a full suite mastering tools including compression, limiting, saturation, imaging, Equaliser metering, and more. IZotope produces what is perhaps the most commonly employed multiband software compressor within their Ozone suite of mastering plug-ins. The inclusion of a side-chain filter is essential for getting the most out of a compressor in dance music applications, particularly during mastering. A common aim of mastering is to create an increased sense of space and depth to the music.