chapter  10
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In this book, we have introduced a number of approaches for designing self-tuning

PI/PD/PID controller for nonlinear systems. The main contents can be summarized

as follows:

• In Chapter 3, a PI control with self-tuning gains is presented for a class of single input single output (SISO) nonlinear system. In order to help understand the

proposed method, the controller design starts with the first-order nonlinear

systems, and then extends to high-order systems. The developed PI control

ensures the stable tracking of nonlinear systems. Meanwhile, rigorous stability

conditions for nonlinear systems under the proposed PI-like scheme are

established. It is shown that the derived PI-like control exhibits fault-tolerant

capability without the need for FDD/FDI and transient performance is ensured

despite system nonlinearities, modeling uncertainties, and actuation faults.