chapter  17
Resource Management
ByGary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson
Pages 22

This chapter provides an overview of the Team Management process in the project team. It examines the individual theories and then looks at how groups of humans react. Resource management involves the set of processes required to plan, acquire, and manage both team and physical resources. Team resources refer to human resources while physical resources include equipment, material, facilities, and infrastructure. The basic goal of managing team resources is to execute the project by allocating the right individuals to the correct roles at the proper time to complete the plan successfully. A responsibility assignment matrix is used in linking activities to resources in order to ensure that all work components are assigned to an individual or team. Team skill development can be nurtured through mentoring or various types of training programs. One helpful approach is to categorize the training into three groups: environment, project, and miscellaneous, then prioritize specific training sessions into time blocks.