chapter  20
High Performance Teams
ByGary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson
Pages 15

This chapter focuses on techniques to produce high productivity in project teams. Much of this material is adapted from various Software Engineering Institute (SEI) literatures on Team Software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process. SEI is a federally sponsored research center dedicated to improving quality of system development, primarily in the Information Technology (IT) arena. SEI research results document that the TSP methodology helps to reduce defects, improve productivity, and reduce test time. One of the complex process issues within a project team is management of activities such as requirements management, enterprise goal alignment, management constraints, technical capability, and meeting customer expectations. There are several important management points to understand in introducing the Personal Process components to a team. A typical large project consists of multiple team skills such as engineers, IT support, business process SMEs, quality and risk management, financial, and other support personnel.