chapter  28
Project Execution and Control
ByGary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson
Pages 17

The Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide has defined several model operational execution and control-oriented processes for the project. Status tracking basically attempts to map how the project is moving in comparison with the approved plan. There are two important execution and control concepts that must be in place for the tracking process to work. First, a well-defined plan with quantifiable objectives is necessary to establish comparison targets. Second, the control process involves measuring actual performance against these planning targets. These two concepts are called the Siamese twins of management. One of the common reasons why projects get into stress during execution is the negative impact that changes have on the plan and the project team. Project team development relates to the processes involved in improving productivity of the team and its members. Team motivation and morale is certainly an issue that PMs must deal with throughout the execution phase of any project.