chapter  30
Project and Enterprise Metrics
ByGary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson
Pages 16

The concepts, mechanics, and best practices are intended to provide a framework for designing a custom project metrics program. Realized benefits of such programs will vary depending on the validity of selected Key Performance Indicators, the organization's maturity level, and the management reaction to the data presented. An enterprise typically measures and compares its overall project performance by quantification through the use of defined metrics. Given the potential influence metrics has on project activity, they should be relevant, straightforward, and quantifiable. Identifying the wrong status goal and then measuring it can cause the project to make poor decisions on correct actions. Defining key project performance indicators, collecting data, and producing status metrics throughout the project life cycle are only valuable to the extent that the resulting information is used by the organization in a manner which drives the project toward appropriate objectives. Use of a formal metrics program influences behavior in the defined directions.