chapter  32
Tracking Project Progress
ByGary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson
Pages 10

This chapter describes a model-based status tracking framework that is focused on monitoring of common project problems and general progress tracking. The intent here is to build a foundation on to which a new or existing project manager can develop strategy for managing project execution, tracking, and control in an effective manner. Since each industry and organization has its own nuances, no one source or approach can claim that it has the silver bullet or magic formula of Key Performance Indicators that will fit every tracking and control requirement. The concepts and examples are intended to provide reasonable insight into general project control functions. Distributing project status to appropriate stakeholders is an integral part of the monitoring and control phase. The goal for this activity is to focus on effectively relaying status metrics to team members and stakeholders. Formal status reports should be a regular means of communication throughout the life cycle of the project.