chapter  33
The Closing Process
ByGary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson
Pages 8

When managing a team of project managers who work on similar and ongoing projects, the value of lessons learned documentation and communication should be evident, although polls would probably show that this discipline is limited in practice. In the normal termination situation, the project produces a successful outcome, and a new product or process is now installed and working. As a general rule, the more mature global organizational processes are more likely to handle project closing activities in a consistent manner. Organizations that do not formally recognize this activity would be categorized as process immature. Project termination is one of the most mishandled tasks in the life cycle of a project. It means the end of the relationship between the project team and their client. Creating lessons learned documentation is a key evaluation methodology for the project. The lessons learned documentation serves the role of describing the project environment beyond what has previously been communicated in formal reporting documentation variables.