chapter  35
Project Portfolio Management
ByGary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson
Pages 19

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) represents a centralized management process for project related activity and it is a companion activity to a Project Management Office in many cases. PPM processes and tools help to provide real-time information to help the organization make better decisions about their overall project environment. Improved visibility provided by PPM processes and software tools gives an unprecedented view into the overall "health" of the organizational projects. As the PPM database is populated with various data regarding project proposals and status the question arises how to display meaningful information for decision-making. Portfolio management does not just consist of selecting the right project investments; it means ensuring proper execution and regularly measuring effective performance, notably in the delivery of the anticipated benefits and the correct usage of the invested budgets. PPM can be a significant enabler for enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity in the project domain, while reducing exposure to risks related to project failures.