chapter  905
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Learning to Increase Data-Informed Instructional Decisions

ByHans W. Klar, Kristin Shawn Huggins

This chapter shows a study of Isabella, who was in her sixth year as assistant principal at Blue Ridge Primary School when she applied to be a part of the second year of the Leadership Learning Community (LLC). Desiring to be a part of a “network of leaders” that provided local leadership development, Isabella decided to apply to be a leader in the LLC. She also admitted that she had a goal of becoming a principal one day and hoped the LLC would develop her leadership knowledge and skills in such a way as to position her to successfully obtain a principalship. Blue Ridge Primary School (BRPS) where Isabella was assistant principal had 41 teachers who served approximately 600 children in four-year-old kindergarten through second grade. The poverty index at BRPS was 75%. One of the main concerns Isabella had about the Measures of Academic Progress assessment scores was the importance they held for the teachers.