chapter  6
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Learning to Improve the Culture of Teaching and Learning to Increase Teacher Leadership

ByHans W. Klar, Kristin Shawn Huggins

This chapter shows a case study of Charlotte, who was in her fourth year as an instructional coach at Cullowhee Falls Elementary School when she joined the second year of the LLC. When asked, she described her role at the school as observing instruction, providing feedback to teachers, offering professional development, and analyzing data. After describing her role, Charlotte added “anything in the realm of curriculum.” Charlotte's experience as an instructional coach had challenged her beliefs about her strengths, showing her how much she needed to develop her leadership skills. Cullowhee Falls Elementary School (CFES), where Charlotte was an instructional coach, was located in a small town in a district that was 80% rural. Charlotte wanted to have a leader who could lead each grade-level team. With multiple initiatives in the school, Charlotte was concerned that attention to aligning classroom instruction with formative assessments was not occurring during grade-level team meetings in the ways in which she had hoped.