chapter  7
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Learning to Develop other Leaders

ByHans W. Klar, Kristin Shawn Huggins

This chapter shows a case study of Hunter, who was in his 19th year as the principal of Blue Ridge High School (BRHS). After learning about the Leadership Learning Community during a SSEC superintendent meeting, Hunter's superintendent encouraged him to apply to be a part of the initiative. During Hunter's 19 years as a school administrator, an increased focus on measuring and addressing gaps in student achievement had occurred nationally through high-stakes standardized assessments. Hunter's most recent professional concern centered on BRHS students' scores on the ACT, a standardized assessment utilized for college admissions, which had declined substantially in the previous three years as more students in the school had chosen to take the test. When Hunter began the LLC, BRHS was beginning the process of becoming an early college high school. Through a partnership with the local community college, students would be able to finish high school with both a high school diploma and college credits.