chapter  2
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Boiling an Egg from the Inside Out

WithAnu Hopia, Erik Fooladi

The water is boiling hot, the egg is cold and the heat would expectedly spread from the outside in. Since all parts of the egg coagulate well below 100°C, the egg will solidify from the outside in. The only way to assess the state of matters is to crack the egg open: the ultimate point of no return. So, if a cookbook was to give a recipe for cooking eggs in cooling water, it has to specify not only temperatures and time, but, at the least, also the amount of water per egg. Crack each ready-cooked 6X°C egg into its respective little bowl. The Norwegian egg cooking calculator tells us that taking a medium-sized egg straight from the fridge requires about 40 seconds longer cooking time compared with one kept at room temperature when readers want it cooked to medium soft yolk.