chapter  I
Liberty and Welfare
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This chapter argues that Welfare is actually a form of Liberty in as much as it liberates men from social conditions which narrow their choices and thwart their self-development as truly as any governmental or personal coercions. British Liberalism has become increasingly identified with Welfare—or, as one might put it, with 'economic liberty' in its modern sense. Many social organizations have undertaken the task of providing Welfare. Welfare must always be considered in an international setting. The needs of defence and the policies of nations may restrict the capacity for expenditure on Welfare. The need for Welfare in a free society is as true beyond Europe as within it, and it is plain duty to spread Liberty and Welfare throughout the Empire and Commonwealth. The business of Liberals is to show by a practical and relevant programme how Liberty and Welfare can be consistently pursued with the aim of giving 'more abundant life' to the individual person.