chapter  XIV
The Challenge of Liberalism
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Liberals have always been the challengers of privilege; they have always fought for the enlargement of liberty on the ground of the essential dignity of human nature. And here, to all appearances, Liberals commit the fault of Communists, Socialists and Conservatives in demanding that men should be encouraged to want what they may not want already. Only a Liberal policy can meet the needs of awakening Asia and Africa; only a Liberal revival can draw our nation from the political futility in which it is now bogged down. Liberalism is a political philosophy, not a theory of economics. Its watchword is liberty, and it rests upon the faith that all men are equally worthy of consideration. Liberalism comes as a challenge both political and moral. The revival of Liberalism in Britain would quicken the cause of Liberalism throughout the world. Liberalism aims at the moralizing of power through the enlargement of liberty.