chapter  6
Dallas Klan No. 66 and Anaheim Lodge No. 207
A case study of two communities
ByMiguel Hernandez
Pages 26

This chapter provides an in-depth study and comparison of the growth of the Ku Klux Klan and their relationship to Freemasonry in the cities of Dallas, Texas and Anaheim, California. As well as examining how the order emerged, spread through social channels such as the Masonic lodge, and established itself in political and civic life, the chapter will also contrast the different priorities and attitudes of Klansmen in both communities, and will analyse the varying responses of other residents to the expansion of the movement and the cases of Klan violence and intimidation. Through this comparison, this chapter will outline the similarities and differences in the order’s expansion, focusing particularly on their reception by local Freemasons and fraternalists, to demonstrate that the Invisible Empire could alternatively use discretion or provocation to attract new recruits and gain power in local life.