chapter  9
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Depicting the undepictable

The reflective analysis of Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother?
ByKaryn Sproles

"Girls Are Horny Too" (episode 5 of the series "Big Mouth") was written by Emily Altman and directed by Bryan Francis. we get positive images of Jessi exploring her vagina, discovering her clitoris, and masturbating, encouraged by the Hormone Monstress and gently coached by her vagina (voiced by Kristen Wiig), which looks more like a Disney princess than genitalia. Alison Bechdel (AB) creates a complex narrative of desire, laden with metacommentary provided by a self-conscious narrator. AB's memoir includes her readings in psychoanalysis as a metacommentary on her relationships with her therapists, Jocelyn and Carol, and her mother. She makes love to various partners without restraint. Resisting the notion that women are inherently sexually repressed, passive, hysterical, or simply asexual is crucial, even central, to the work of feminism. This is a powerful buffer to her relationship with her mother and the internalization of her mother's critical voice.