chapter  Fourteen
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Education, training, and supervision for analyzing the incest trauma

ByArnold W. Rachman, Susan A. Klett

The education of analytic candidates about the incest trauma is mandatory. The candidate was a highly intelligent dedicated student of psychoanalysis, who was emotionally open and honest in supervision. One of the most dramatic examples of how a theoretical and clinical understanding of the incest trauma can lead to insight and improved functioning occurred in a supervisory experience with an analytic candidate from a contemporary institute. The supervisee, who had never had any training in dealing with the incest trauma, became adept at helping this seriously disturbed patient. With the introduction of a comprehensive supervision about theory and treatment of the incest trauma, the supervisee was able to help the patient confront his emotional reaction to becoming aware of his incest trauma. There are several unique contributions that the Budapest School made to the incest trauma. The Budapest School has also made a significant contribution to the methodology of treating the incest trauma.