chapter  Eight
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Analysis of an incest trauma in a difficult case

ByArnold W. Rachman, Susan A. Klett

The focus on the incest trauma resulted from an emphatic inquiry into Winston's family life and interaction, which made it clear that trauma, was a central issue. The analytic community realized that the Wolf Man was a difficult case who needed prolonged and intensive treatment without a preset termination date. Winston chose to remain on the sidelines during the dart game because he was not emotionally ready to release his feelings. The analyst agreed to Rebecca's request that she could talk if she needed help during the Greek Chorus encounter. Winston conceived of a Greek Chorus encounter. With the help of non-interpretative measures in a series of adjunctive, intensive group experiences, Winston was able to emotionally confront and develop emotional insight into the suppression of creativity. The exorcism of the symbolic mother was co-created by the group, Winston, and the analyst.