chapter  Six
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Reflections on the theory and practice of supervision

ByJonathan Pedder

It is an old aphorism, often quoted (e.g., Solnit, 1970), that supervision is “more than education and less than psychotherapy”. Although it is an old cliché, I think it offers a valuable dimension along which we can begin to consider the whole issue of supervision. Yet, this immediately poses the question: to what extent is it “more than education” and “less than psychotherapy”? And that poses further questions, such as what kind of education is supervision more than, and what form of psychotherapy is it less than? For education itself may vary along a whole continuum as well, from a very didactic form of teaching, or indoctrination, to what I would call proper education, leading people out, or drawing people out, which, after all, must be very much like what we imagine we are doing in exploratory psychotherapy.