chapter  TWO
Background to the development of CcAT: a programme for fostering mutual attachment between child and carer
ByAlexandra Maeja Raicar, Pauline Sear, Maggie Gall
Pages 18

The four Child-centred Attachment Therapy (CcAT) therapists involved in the pilot (Maggie Gall, Margaret Saxby, Pauline Sear, and the author) came with our own family stories, and conscious and unconscious motivations for wanting to make a difference to children living outside their families by helping them to form healthy new attachments. Given the fully justified controversy about some of the "intrusive holding therapies" in the USA, the question for us as attachment therapists in the UK was: can a child and family be helped to attach in a mutually respectful way? The CcAT Programme was developed with this philosophy in mind. The CcAT Programme came into being initially as a conceptual framework for working with bereft children and adoptive parents, who each have to acknowledge and mourn their losses before they can move on to form positive new parent–child attachments.