chapter  3
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Inner Sustainment

ByHenri Parens, Leon J. Saul

Inner sustainment reflects the state of the organism’s libidinal economy which results from the interplay of the psychic forces within him. The degree to which one is libidinally sustained from within is reflected by the degree to which one is free from the need for sustainment from without. Inner sustainment arises from two roots: primary narcissism and the object relation. Primary narcissism leaves its nucleus in inner sustainment, as it does, of course, in self-esteem. The degree of inner sustainment depends upon the level of development of the psychic organization. There is an age-adequate range of feeling sustained from within in balance with the expectation of sustainment from without. The role of the superego, too, is prominent in inner sustainment. Inner sustainment is greatly influenced by the character of the superego, being further assured if the superego is reasonably benevolent and supportive.