chapter  Ten
Ferenczi’s legacy
ByAndré E. Haynal
Pages 5

Ferenczi's ideas have played a major role in influencing a present psychoanalytic theory and practice. They have been brought to the United Kingdom mainly by Michael Balint, falling on fertile ground in the British "Middle Group". It is well known that Anna Freud was critical of some directions taken by psychoanalysis in Ferenczi's footsteps. It is less well known, however, that she, nevertheless, highly valued not only Ferenczi the man, but also his controversial ideas and experiments. In studying the vicissitudes of psychoanalytic ideas and theories, whether people know it or not, they return surprisingly often to Ferenczi. Further research might allow people to specify his impact more clearly, but already people can state without exaggeration that his legacy is with them, whether or not people are aware of it. Throughout his life and on the basis of his experiences, he wrote, corrected, and rewrote it.