chapter  Four
The history of the concept of trauma: Ferenczi at the end of the 1920s
ByAndré E. Haynal
Pages 11

In 1896, Freud emphasized the fact that "symptoms can only be understood if they are traced back to experiences that have a "traumatic" effect" and they refer to the patient's sexual life. According to a presentation by Balint, who followed Ferenczi's work in London, the child is at first full of confidence. The concept of trauma is also the conceptual bridge that connects events in the external reality of the subject with their consequences on his internal world and with their influence on unconscious expectations, with a crystallization of fantasies and an augmentation of their strength. The analysis is the place where the demons of traumas can be worked through, once they have been re-experienced and actualized, by the word expressing the understanding of the analyst, by the acceptance of him as the one who leads the subject to feel accepted himself, in an atmosphere of honesty and absolute authenticity.