chapter  Chapter One
Nature framing nature
WithRobert Langs
Pages 21

The consistencies and certainties defined by rules and laws are buttressed by the physical boundaries that define material conglomerates. On the most fundamental level, organisms are governed by the physical laws of nature and, in addition, by regularities and patterns that are uniquely characteristic of biological processes. The most basic set of rules take form as the laws of nature that give the universe its determinism and predictability, chaotic and otherwise. For humans, boundaries have both physical and psychological features—intrapsychic and interpersonal. Context is the broader term in that it refers to the physical and psychological circumstances of existing and interacting, including historical aspects, role definitions, rules, and other conditional features. Framing activities or managing the setting and ground rules form a broad group of functions that are carried out by means of establishing a physical space and a set of rules and boundaries for a given relationship or interaction.