chapter  Chapter Ten
The time dimension
WithRobert Langs
Pages 12

The temporal dimensions of the ground rules of psychotherapy are an essential part of the relatively stable, fixed frame. Therapists who work with the communicative approach find once-weekly psychotherapy a powerful and effective therapeutic modality. The therapist should inquire as to the patient’s general availability for sessions and should propose a single possibility and then offer another if the patient is unable to make use of that time slot. Therapists in private practice with their own office space should have full command over their schedules. The overall situation is rather different for most clinic and many managed-care psychotherapies. Often, clinic policy will set the duration of treatment, and it is likely to entail a premature termination of the therapy. In private practice, leaving a patient is usually permanent, whereas, in clinic psychotherapies, in many instances a forced termination leaves open the possibility of continuing with the therapist in his or her private office.