chapter  Chapter Two
Frames and conscious and unconscious experience
WithRobert Langs
Pages 13

The concentration of deep unconscious system experience on frames and framing efforts, and conscious system experience on a broad range of activities, issues, and circumstances with little attention afforded to frame impingements, is one of the most crucial differences between these two systems of the mind. The results of investigations into psychotherapy depend on the conceptual framework within which they are carried out and the consequent selection of methods of study. The conscious mind is far more focused on survival issues and psychodynamic meanings than on frames. The unconscious part of the mind is seen mainly as a receptacle for forbidden meanings, and the primary sources of conflict and repression are said to lie with inner instinctual-drive wishes and fantasies. Conscious experience is concerned with a wide array of environmental impingements, among which ground-rule transactions are, in general, of minor import.