chapter  Chapter Nine
The setting in public situations
WithRobert Langs
Pages 17

In this chapter, the author utilizes the clinic setting as his prototype of the essentially frame-deviant public and semi-public settings. There are many kinds of public sector and organizational frames for psychotherapy, such as clinics, charitable associations, group practice arrangements, health maintenance organizations, and programmes offered by insurance companies, governments, churches, and hospitals. The social necessity for clinic-types of psychotherapy has blinded most therapists to their many drawbacks and prevented a careful search for the most optimal frames possible under these conditions. Patients experience clinic settings and ground rules with considerable deep unconscious perspective, especially when the deviations are kept to a minimum. The setting thereby interferes with the essential verbal-affective conscious and deep unconscious working over of the background and activated frame issues on which a sound, insightful, and holding–containing cure is based. Therapists can undertake many measures that reduce frame deviations in clinic psychotherapies to an absolute minimum.