chapter  Two
ByPaul Marcus
Pages 30

In this chapter, the author discusses some of the common tragicomic moments that tend to "show up" in most love relationships. Mainly using real life marriage as my point of entry into understanding how a tragicomic vision can be a very useful care-giving tool in helping to sustain and enhance a love relationship. To accomplish the author's goal he follows five themes, stated as binary oppositions for sake of clarity, that are endemic to most love relationships: the perceived discrepancy between a real life love relationship and how it is romantically imagined; the wish for epic sex versus sexual waning; the longing to meaningfully communicate and feel understood versus truncated communication and loneliness; being mainly for oneself versus being for the other; and the bittersweet, if not tragic, awareness of the passage of time and of the absurd ways that one conduct for themselves in their love relationships.