chapter  One
WithSt John-Brooks Katharine
Pages 7

The idea of in-house or "internal" coaches is a newer concept but one that is being embraced by organisations in the UK and is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. Frisch describes internal executive coaching as: a one-on-one developmental intervention supported by the organisation and provided by a colleague of those coached who is trusted to shape and deliver a programme yielding individual professional growth. The key features of internal coaching are: it is a learning and development activity delivered by one employee of an organisation to another; it aims to deliver professional growth to the employee and improve their effectiveness; it is analogous to external coaching; and it involves two clients—the coaching client and the organisation. In the UK, internal coaching is becoming particularly well established in the public sector, largely in response to deep cuts in learning and development (L&D) budgets and, in many cases, very close scrutiny of the use of external consultants and coaches.