chapter  Two
The role of the internal coach
WithSt John-Brooks Katharine
Pages 20

The role of the internal coach is a rich and varied one, which can look and feel very different depending on an organisation's requirements. This chapter focuses on the rewards and challenges of internal coaching. The rewards fall into four main categories: making a contribution, being part of something bigger, personal growth /learning, and increased organisational awareness. The challenges fall into five main categories: handling ethical dilemmas, balancing the roles, being part of the same system, practical issues, and coping with emotions. Not surprisingly, organisations look to human resources (HR), organisation development (OD), and learning and development (L&D) practitioners when seeking volunteers to train as internal coaches. The rationale is that they will often have relevant skills and there is a high likelihood that they will use the enhanced skills that they acquire during the coach training in their day jobs. One of the most difficult things for a coach can be managing the boundary between work and personal issues.