chapter  Six
Developing a coaching strategy
WithSt John-Brooks Katharine
Pages 35

This chapter examines the need for a coaching strategy and the areas internal coaches might cover. It explores the need for a strategy and what needs to be included. The chapter then explores the factors that impact on sustainability and focuses on budget allocation. It also examines governance and getting commitment from the business leaders and focuses on organisational learning. Coaching in an organisational context needs to be tied to organisational goals and needs, otherwise it will ultimately be viewed as a fad and lose its credibility. The chapter offers examples drawn from many, many internal coaching schemes of targeted support, under the headings: support for transitions; support for human resources (HR) initiatives; support for learning and development (L&D) programmes; and support for business change. Many businesses look, too, for the active involvement of the clients' line managers in the coaching process: beginning with authorising participation in the scheme then possibly involvement in a three-way meeting at the beginning of the coaching assignment.